Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Service Areas:

See publications on this topic authored by our staff. Condition assessment and failure analysis services for all types of materials in corrosive environments, including structural analysis, materials testing, and corrosion studies.  Covers infrastructure (structural steel, concrete, etc.), buildings, water-retaining structures, tanks, vessels, piping, foundations, etc.
See publications on this topic authored by our staff. Corrosion protection design including protective coatings/linings and electrochemical protection systems, i.e., cathodic protection
  Rehabilitation and new design for structures and equipment
  Asset management program development and implementation support
  Corrosion and materials engineering consulting for metals and non-metals
  Tunnel and aqueduct rehabilitation design and inspection
  Multimedia water filter, clearwell, and water conduit inspection, rehabilitation, corrosion protection design
  Secondary containment design and quality control inspection for civil/structural and corrosion protection
  Waterproofing design and analysis services for all types of above/below grade structures
See publications on this topic authored by our staff. Protective coatings and linings consulting services, including condition assessment, specification writing, project management and construction management services, quality control inspection, and testing
  Multi-discipline quality control inspection, quality assurance programs, and testing services for new construction, rehabilitation, equipment fabrication, and coating/lining application
  Accident investigations, root cause failure analysis and failure prevention strategies for equipment (metal and nonmetal components)
  Best Practice Procedures for Equipment Inspection and Repair
  Training - Alloy Selection for Corrosive Environments; Welding Essentials for Plant Engineers; Concrete Restoration and Protection


Service Areas

  • Corrosion and Materials Engineering
    • Corrosion Control/Protection Design
    • Corrosion Analysis and Material Selection Consulting
    • Failure Analysis - Mode and Root Cause Analysis
    • Cathodic Protection System Design and Evaluation
  • Structural and Mechanical Rehabilitation Services
    • Structural Design Engineering
    • Mechanical Design Engineering
    • Condition Assessment Evaluations
    • Structural Evaluation and Analysis
    • Shop and Field QC Inspection and Support
  • Mechanical Integrity and Inspection Design Services
    • Pressure Vessel and Tank Program Development and Implementation
    • Systematic Inspection Design (SID)
    • Risk-Based Inspection
    • Integrity Evaluation and Analysis
    • Fitness-for-Service Evaluations
    • Welding Consulting and Inspection
  • Coatings and Linings Engineering
    • Consulting
    • Failure Analysis
    • Project Management
    • Quality Control and Inspections
  • Project and Quality Management Services
    • Cost Estimating Services for all Construction Disciplines
    • Project Management Services, Including Planning, Scheduling, and Project Controls
    • Quality Control Inspection and Testing Services
    • Quality Assurance Program Development for New and Rehabilitation Construction
    • Quality Assurance Program Auditing and Oversight Services
  • Training Services
    • Alloy Selection for Corrosive Environments
    • Solving Corrosion and Materials Problems for Plant Engineers
    • Welding Essentials for Plant Engineers
    • Brick and Tile-Lined Equipment Inspection and Repair
    • FRP Essentials for Pulp and Paper Mills
    • Concrete Restoration and Protection
    • Quality Assurance for Capital Projects

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