Corrosion Probe, Inc. (CPI) is a specialized consulting firm designing engineering solutions for clients throughout the United States and Canada. Founded in 1984, CPI has built an international reputation for providing consulting, engineering design and technical support for equipment repairs and structural rehabilitation, corrosion control and prevention, construction management, condition assessment, and specialty nondestructive testing services to clients in the pulp and paper, chemical, pharmaceutical industries and municipal water and waste water industries. Our extensive experience and multi-disciplinary capabilities also bring solid forensic expertise in failure analysis and accident investigation. We routinely provide comprehensive inspection and quality control/quality assurance services in all the technical areas listed above and in other construction areas, including piping, pressure vessels, tanks, FRP and other plastics, protective coatings, roofing, grouting (equipment), and waterproofing. Our experienced, knowledgeable engineers and technicians successfully combine civil/structural, mechanical, metallurgical, electrical, and corrosion engineering disciplines with our extensive practical knowledge of equipment and related damage mechanisms to help our clients solve their corrosion and materials problems as practically, reliably and cost-effectively as possible.


Kirk Shields is planning to instruct some SSPC inspection courses later this year. These include:

Dave Crowe presented Corrosion of Stainless Steels in Waste Water Applications and Selection of Stainless Steels for Piping and Equipment in Water Treatment Facilities" at the 2015 Pacific Water Conference in Honolulu, HI.

Bert Schutza, CPI consultant, co-instructed the Steel Tank Institute Cathodic Protection Tester Certification on December 9th and 10th, which is held annually in Austin, TX. This certification program offers a practical approach for those wanting to become CP testers, as well as for those who simply want to understand CP readings. The course is focused on the real-world needs of individuals and companies that plan to conduct field testing of cathodic protection monitoring on systems such as sti-P3 tanks. The certification meets states with requirements for certification for UST CP testing and covers the basics of CP, remote and local potential measurements, CP criterion for both sacrificial cathodic protection systems and impressed current CP systems and common errors in the CP measurements.

Randy Nixon presented presented a session entitled, "Assessing The Extent of Biogenic Sulfide Corrosion and Selecting Coatings to Prevent It: Inspection and Testing Principles" at the workshop, Combatting Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion in Wastewater Systems: Infrastructure at Risk!, held at WEFTEC in September in Chicago.

Randy Nixon wrote three articles for the ASM Handbook, Vol. 5B, Protective Organic Coatings, published in 2015: "Guidance for the Use of Protective Coatings in Municipal Potable Water Systems", "Protective Coatings for Corrosion Control in Municipal Wastewater Systems", and "Guidelines for Maintenance Coating of Streel Structures in Pulp and Paper Mills".

Dave Bennett published his article Duplex and Ferritic Stainless Steel Sheet Linings Versus Weld Overlay and Other Metallic Corrosion Resistant Barriers in the TAPPI Journal, July 2015.

Randy Nixon and Dave Bennett have published the 3rd Edition of Corrosion and Materials Fundamentals for Engineers in Wastewater Treatment Plants & Collection Systems. This book will be available from NACE in the Spring of 2016.


CPI Adds Staff to Growing Texas Office

Steve Olenich has joined the CPI team in out Austin, TX office. Steve has 37 years experience in Corrosion and Cathodic protection and holds Senior Corrosion Technologist and NACE Coating Inspector Level 3 certifications from NACE International. Prior to joining CPI, he provided Cathodic protection system design, testing, and troubleshooting and underground storage tank condition assessments at Tankology, and performed inspections corrosion testing, evaluation of protective coatings and cathodic protection surveys at El Paso Natural Gas Company.

American Welding Society Certification

CPI is pleased to announce that Tim Girven has been certified by the American Welding Society (AWS) as a Certified Welding Inspector (AWS CWI #16020271). Mr. Girven has over thirty-five (35+) years of industrial manufacturing, maintenance, and skilled trades experience. Tim has hands-on welding, millwright, and pipefitting experience, as well as training/consulting, QA/QC, and manufacturing operations experience. His welding experience includes many different stainless steel alloys and carbon steel materials. In addition to his current consulting, QA/QC, and technical support, Tim is available to provide both on-site and remote CWI welding/technical support for public and private sector clients. Congratulations Tim!

The Joseph Wolf Founders-Stowe Woodward Award

During the TAPPI PEERS Conference in Atlanta, GA, CPI's Dave Bennett was awarded the Joseph Wolf Founders-Stowe Woodward Award for the Best Corrosion and Materials Engineering Paper.

Testing Lab - CTL


Service Areas

  • Corrosion and Materials Engineering
    • Corrosion Control/Protection Design
    • Corrosion Analysis and Material Selection Consulting
    • Failure Analysis - Mode and Root Cause Analysis
    • Cathodic Protection System Design and Evaluation
  • Structural and Mechanical Rehabilitation Services
    • Structural Design Engineering
    • Mechanical Design Engineering
    • Condition Assessment Evaluations
    • Structural Evaluation and Analysis
    • Shop and Field QC Inspection and Support
  • Mechanical Integrity and Inspection Design Services
    • Pressure Vessel and Tank Program Development and Implementation
    • Systematic Inspection Design (SID)
    • Risk-Based Inspection
    • Integrity Evaluation and Analysis
    • Fitness-for-Service Evaluations
    • Welding Consulting and Inspection
  • Coatings and Linings Engineering
    • Consulting
    • Failure Analysis
    • Project Management
    • Quality Control and Inspections
  • Project and Quality Management Services
    • Cost Estimating Services for all Construction Disciplines
    • Project Management Services, Including Planning, Scheduling, and Project Controls
    • Quality Control Inspection and Testing Services
    • Quality Assurance Program Development for New and Rehabilitation Construction
    • Quality Assurance Program Auditing and Oversight Services
  • Training Services
    • Alloy Selection for Corrosive Environments
    • Solving Corrosion and Materials Problems for Plant Engineers
    • Welding Essentials for Plant Engineers
    • Brick and Tile-Lined Equipment Inspection and Repair
    • FRP Essentials for Pulp and Paper Mills
    • Concrete Restoration and Protection
    • Quality Assurance for Capital Projects

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