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CPI Celebrates 30 Years of Problem Solving!

In 1984 Corrosion Probe opened its doors and began helping customers solve their most difficult corrosion and other materials degradation issues. Our consulting engineering business has grown tremendously since then, and as we look back along our path, we feel sincere gratitude toward all of our customers and business partners for the opportunities and prosperity we have enjoyed. Our team of engineers, consultants and specialists also look forward to many more years of challenging and satisfying work and to continued relationships with those who have been part of our success.

New Hire - Bert Schutza

CPI is proud to announce that Bert Schutza has joined CPI as a Consultant in our Austin, TX office. Bert has an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Corrosion Technology and over 24 years of experience in cathodic protection (CP) system design and troubleshooting, and investigation and prevention of corrosion of buried pipelines, tanks and other structures. He currently holds NACE International certifications as a Corrosion Technician, a Corrosion Technologist, a Senior Corrosion Technologist and a Cathodic Protection Specialist, along with Steel Tank Institute certification as an Aboveground Tank System Inspector. Prior to joining CPI, Bert spent 22 years with Tanknology as lead for their Corrosion Protection discipline. Bert serves client needs for CP system design, testing and troubleshooting and corrosion consulting.

New Hire - Kirk Shields

Additionally, CPI has welcomed Kirk Shields as a Senior Consultant in our Coatings Consulting Group. He will join forces with Bob Maley in our new Pompano Beach, FL office. Kirk has been a consultant for 24 years, most recently with Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. for 16 years and KTA-Tator, Inc. for 8 years before that. Prior to consulting, he worked for an industrial painting contractor for 7 years. Kirk is a graduate of Temple University with a BS in Civil Engineering Construction Technology. He has provided consulting services-including assessments, maintenance-painting programs, and specifications-for DOT's, industrial, commercial, residential, municipal and marine clients. Failure investigations and expert witness testimony have also comprised a large portion of the services provided. Kirk is also an instructor for multiple classes within SSPC and a member of committees within both SSPC and NACE

Publications and Speaking Engagements

Bert Schutza gave a presentation on Underground Storage Tank Corrosion Protection at the 2013 TASTP (Texas Association of Storage Tank Professionals) Seminar and Annual Meeting in December

Kevin Krawiec co-authored an article entitled "FRP Odor Control Dome Failure", published in the Winter 2012 edition of the Journal of the New England Water Environment Association. The article presented the forensic engineering investigation performed when a fiber reinforced plastic dome covering a 70-foot diameter sludge gravity thickener tank failed and collapsed.

Bob Maley and Doug Sherman presented Deterioration of Wastewater Treatment and Collection System Assets: Knowing Where and How to Look (authored by CPI's Randy Nixon) at the recent Biosolids/Odor and Corrosion Conference put on by the Water Environment Association of Texas.

Out and About

Bert Schutza will be the instructor for a 2-day Cathodic Protection Certification training course for STI ( The course - March 26-27 in Beaumont, TX - covers cathodic protection basics for underground steel storage tanks.

Randy Nixon and Kevin Krawiec attended the New England Water Environment Association's (NEWEA) Annual Conference and Exhibit in Boston, Massachusetts in January. This is the largest yearly meeting of New England government agencies and consultants in the wastewater treatment industry.

Several CPI/CTL engineers and specialists will attend the NACE International Corrosion 2014 conference in San Antonio in March. At the STG 38 (Pulp Paper and Biomass Conversion) committee's information exchange session, Dave Crowe will give an informal presentation on Corrosion of Steels in Organic Acids, which is relevant to biomass conversion processes.

Kevin Krawiec was recently trained and certified as a Safety Assessment Program Evaluator by the California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA). This will allow him to serve as a volunteer Disaster Service Worker, providing emergency assistance to local governments for the performance of safety evaluations of buildings and infrastructure after disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, or terrorist attacks.

CPI Coating Consultants have been quite busy in 2013, solving lining/coatings problems, domestically from Key West, FL to Portland, OR and from Boston, MA to Phoenix, AZ, and internationally from Trinidad to Newfoundland. Digesters, wet wells, pump stations, and other structures, performing failure analyses, condition assessments, specification preparation, and project management.

Kevin Krawiec attended the Fall 2013 convention of the American Concrete Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, in October. He is currently serving as a member of Committee 563 Specifications for Repair of Structural Concrete Buildings, which is in the process of producing a standard specification for repair projects. He is also scheduled to be a speaker at the Spring 2014 convention in Reno, Nevada, presenting the coatings' selection chapter of the ACI Guide to Materials Selection for Concrete Repair.

Randy Nixon and Doug Sherman attended WEFTEC in Chicago in October. CPI staff regularly present papers and serve as instructors at workshops during the Water Environment Federation's annual Technical Exhibition and Conference.


CPI's Austin, TX office staff are in the final design stage for a Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) and City of Dallas joint water transmission project to convey raw water supplies from Lake Palestine, Cedar Creek Reservoir, and Richland-Chambers Reservoir to delivery locations in the TRWD and City of Dallas service areas. CPI has provided cathodic protection design for the yard piping and other buried structures at three booster pump stations, along with input to specifications for protective coatings on pipelines and other structures

Discovery of unexpected deterioration to process equipment can leave process plant operators with seemingly few choices regarding repair or extended shutdown of the equipment. However, with appropriate experience and the use of advanced assessment tools, additional options can be uncovered. For example, pulp mill black liquor evaporators are highly prone to suffer from internal liquor erosion/corrosion, as well as external corrosion under insulation (CUI). Whether falling or rising film, 4th effect evaporator shells and vapor bodies are typically constructed of carbon steel due to the relatively low black liquor solids concentration (~25-30%). The structural integrity and fitness for service of 4th effect evaporators suffering from severe corrosion can be difficult to assess, with varying degrees of localized internal and external corrosion as well as operating conditions of both positive and negative pressures.<more>

CPI has been contracted by a southeastern US integrated pulp and paper mill to help them extend the interval between major inspection and maintenance outages on their pulp mill batch digesters, without increasing mechanical integrity and safety risks. Such extensions reduce the costs associated with cleaning, scaffolding, inspection, maintenance, etc., and also save lost production capacity. CPI has decades of experience designing and managing digester mechanical integrity programs, and assisting with inspection, repair and materials design of digesters throughout North America. Utilizing risk-based inspection strategies and fitness-for-service concepts, CPI was able to justify outage interval extension for a few of the digesters evaluated, and to provide a roadmap for achieving extension for the others. Through this program, mill staff also have been alerted to deficiencies in inspection and maintenance practices, which could have led to more rapid deterioration than necessary and increased costs


Testing Lab - CTL


Service Areas

  • Corrosion and Materials Engineering
    • Corrosion Control/Protection Design
    • Corrosion Analysis and Material Selection Consulting
    • Failure Analysis - Mode and Root Cause Analysis
    • Cathodic Protection System Design and Evaluation
  • Structural and Mechanical Rehabilitation Services
    • Structural Design Engineering
    • Mechanical Design Engineering
    • Condition Assessment Evaluations
    • Structural Evaluation and Analysis
    • Shop and Field QC Inspection and Support
  • Mechanical Integrity and Inspection Design Services
    • Pressure Vessel and Tank Program Development and Implementation
    • Systematic Inspection Design (SID)
    • Risk-Based Inspection
    • Integrity Evaluation and Analysis
    • Fitness-for-Service Evaluations
    • Welding Consulting and Inspection
  • Coatings and Linings Engineering
    • Consulting
    • Failure Analysis
    • Project Management
    • Quality Control and Inspections
  • Project and Quality Management Services
    • Cost Estimating Services for all Construction Disciplines
    • Project Management Services, Including Planning, Scheduling, and Project Controls
    • Quality Control Inspection and Testing Services
    • Quality Assurance Program Development for New and Rehabilitation Construction
    • Quality Assurance Program Auditing and Oversight Services
  • Training Services
    • Alloy Selection for Corrosive Environments
    • Solving Corrosion and Materials Problems for Plant Engineers
    • Welding Essentials for Plant Engineers
    • Brick and Tile-Lined Equipment Inspection and Repair
    • FRP Essentials for Pulp and Paper Mills
    • Concrete Restoration and Protection
    • Quality Assurance for Capital Projects

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