Corrosion Probe, Inc. (CPI) is a specialized consulting firm designing engineering solutions for clients throughout the United States and Canada. Founded in 1984, CPI has built an international reputation for providing consulting, engineering design and technical support for equipment repairs and structural rehabilitation, corrosion control and prevention, construction management, condition assessment, and specialty nondestructive testing services to clients in the pulp and paper, chemical, pharmaceutical industries and municipal water and waste water industries. Our extensive experience and multi-disciplinary capabilities also bring solid forensic expertise in failure analysis and accident investigation. We routinely provide comprehensive inspection and quality control/quality assurance services in all the technical areas listed above and in other construction areas, including piping, pressure vessels, tanks, FRP and other plastics, protective coatings, roofing, grouting (equipment), and waterproofing. Our experienced, knowledgeable engineers and technicians successfully combine civil/structural, mechanical, metallurgical, electrical, and corrosion engineering disciplines with our extensive practical knowledge of equipment and related damage mechanisms to help our clients solve their corrosion and materials problems as practically, reliably and cost-effectively as possible.


New Hire - Brian Arnold

CPI is proud to announce the addition of Brian Arnold to its Savannah, GA office. Brian joins the CPI team as an Office Administrator and brings 10+ years of professional business experience in both supportive and managerial roles. His talents include accounting, business development, document control, staff management, and various other administrative tasks. Brian is a recent graduate of South University (Savannah GA) with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. He will support the Rincon, GA and Centerbrook, CT offices by assisting with file management, IT support, accounting, and general administrative tasks. Brian will also assist in business development by helping to create marketing strategies for the company. He brings a well-organized and detailed approach, accompanied with a desire to improve internal processes and systems.

New Hire - David Revay Sr.

CPI also welcomes Dave Revay Sr. to the team. Dave joins CPI as a Consultant and Coatings Inspector in our Virginia Beach, VA field office. He brings to CPI an extensive background from both the coatings supplier side (International Paint and Sherwin-Williams) and in coatings project execution (Greenman Pedersen and Burchick Construction), including responsibilities in coatings inspection, specification, project management, and sales. Dave is a NACE International-certified Coatings Inspector (Level III), and is a member of AWWA, NACE, NSBA, PDCA and SSPC.

New Hire - David Revay Jr.

Additionally, CPI happily brings aboard Dave Revay Jr. to the CPI team. Dave is a Coatings Inspector in CPI's Virginia Beach, VA field office. Prior to joining CPI, he provided coatings QA/QC inspection on numerous projects, including water towers, buildings, bridges, and road tunnels, and which involved both steel and concrete substrates. Dave has his NACE International certification as a Coatings Inspector (Level III), and has SSPC Lead Paint Removal training.

New Hire - Steve Roetter

Last, but certainly not least, CPI announces the addition of Steve Roetter. Steve is a Senior Consultant in CPI's Indianapolis office, providing business development and executing projects involving protective coatings and linings, condition assessment and failure analysis. He brings considerable experience in all aspects of tank and treatment unit design, maintenance and construction; in corrosion control and materials selection; and in selection, application and failure analysis of protective coatings and linings. Steve had served as a sales director and operations manager at CORRPRO and was a managing principal at Tank Industry Consultants. He also has served as president of SSPC - Society for Protective Coatings, and is a licensed professional engineer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.


Randy Nixon presented "Why Coat Concrete? The Basics on Concrete Composition and Damage Mechanisms" at the NACE International Conrete Service Life Extension Conference in Philadelphia on July 1st.

Kirk Shields assisted, as an instructor, in the 2-day SSPC Bridge Maintenence Course at the February 2015 SSPC Convention in Orlando.

Kirk Shields presented "Repainting of the BNY Mellon 54-story Building - Approach, Technique, & Challenges" at the Coatings ProMagazine Forum during the March 2015 NACE International Corrosion Conference in Dallas, TX.

Doug Sherman is presenting "Clarifying Material Selection: Understanding the Corrosion Mechanisms for Clarifier Mechanisms" at the WEAT Biosolids Odor and Corrosion Conference & Expo., August 5th & 6th in San Marcos, TX.


CPI's Rincon, GA office was contacted by a southern US pulp and paper mill to provide materials selection and oversight for the construction of a new Tall Oil Reactor and Separation Tank. Due to the hot and highly corrosive environment generated by diluting or mixing high concentration sulfuric acid, many traditional designs of tall oil reactor have suffered aggressive localized thinning, and have required frequent inspections and repairs. Through analysis of the different steps in the reaction process and experience in the chemistry involved, CPI was able to select materials for piping, the settling tank, and the reactor for different configurations requested by the client. CPI's review of the designs prevented approval of a layout that would require exotic and costly alloys or be subject to rapid failure. CPI was also involved in verifying the overall quality of the tank fabrication to ensure high standards were followed. CPI has frequently performed this type of upfront design engineering and quality verification for both metals and non-metals, particularly fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP).

Over the past couple of years, CPI has been asked to investigate a number of instances in which stainless steels and aluminum alloys have suffered accelerated deterioration in water and wastewater treatment plants. The 300-series stainless steels are widely used in these environments, but are susceptible to localized corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. Their limitations should be considered carefully. CPI has considerable expertise and experience in the use of stainless steel and aluminum alloys for water and wastewater plants, and we can offer selection advice, guidance for specification and design, welding support and failure analysis

CPI completed a condition assessment and corrosion survey of the fire protection system piping for a major aerospace firm. The purpose of the assessment was to ensure the safety of plant personnel and protection of the very expensive, high-tech manufacturing equipment at the facility should a fire event occur. The CPI team identified two active leaks and severe corrosion on the internal surfaces of the piping in a critical assembly building; heavy corrosion on the exterior surfaces of the steel fire system pipe a few inches below the surface of the ground; and significant internal deposits that may have rendered the system ineffective in the event of a fire. This was deemed an invaluable service to the facility owner, as it uncovered certain anomalies in the fire protection system that could possibly have resulted in catastrophe at this facility where "failure is not an option".


Testing Lab - CTL


Service Areas

  • Corrosion and Materials Engineering
    • Corrosion Control/Protection Design
    • Corrosion Analysis and Material Selection Consulting
    • Failure Analysis - Mode and Root Cause Analysis
    • Cathodic Protection System Design and Evaluation
  • Structural and Mechanical Rehabilitation Services
    • Structural Design Engineering
    • Mechanical Design Engineering
    • Condition Assessment Evaluations
    • Structural Evaluation and Analysis
    • Shop and Field QC Inspection and Support
  • Mechanical Integrity and Inspection Design Services
    • Pressure Vessel and Tank Program Development and Implementation
    • Systematic Inspection Design (SID)
    • Risk-Based Inspection
    • Integrity Evaluation and Analysis
    • Fitness-for-Service Evaluations
    • Welding Consulting and Inspection
  • Coatings and Linings Engineering
    • Consulting
    • Failure Analysis
    • Project Management
    • Quality Control and Inspections
  • Project and Quality Management Services
    • Cost Estimating Services for all Construction Disciplines
    • Project Management Services, Including Planning, Scheduling, and Project Controls
    • Quality Control Inspection and Testing Services
    • Quality Assurance Program Development for New and Rehabilitation Construction
    • Quality Assurance Program Auditing and Oversight Services
  • Training Services
    • Alloy Selection for Corrosive Environments
    • Solving Corrosion and Materials Problems for Plant Engineers
    • Welding Essentials for Plant Engineers
    • Brick and Tile-Lined Equipment Inspection and Repair
    • FRP Essentials for Pulp and Paper Mills
    • Concrete Restoration and Protection
    • Quality Assurance for Capital Projects

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